• Rear Window Hitchcock Italian Movie Poster FRIDGE MAGNET 6x8

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    " Rear Window "

    " La Finestra Sul Cortile"

    1954 Classic Italian Movie Poster of James Stewert and Grace Kelly


     Poster by Averardo Cirielli

    - In Your Choice of Size - 

    Art for your Fridge.

    If your going to put a Magnet on you Fridge Make sure its Large enough so you can see it ! 

    These are a high quality prints of some of the most beautiful posters on Magnet. Collect them, give them as gifts or decorate your refrigerator. These are great conversational pieces. Each Magnet comes in a semi- gloss photo finish, on Canvas, Flexible Thick Magnet , Durable, Cleanable and Looks Great. Satisfaction of the quality is Guaranteed.

    * Semi-Gloss Finish

    * Canvas / Magnet
    * Inches


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