Turn Your Personal Photos in to a Fridge Magnet

Your baby picture or that old family photo that you would love to display but don't know how. !

Send us your personal photographs and we will put them on a Magnetic Canvas Print for you to display on your Refrigerator or give them as gifts, choose your size and Purchase, then e-mail us the Photo to Fridgemagnetworld@Gmail.com 

Contact us for Bulk Orders and get a Special Discounts !!!

Remember ! The picture needs to be a High Resolution Photo 900x1000 or higher.

# 1. Choose Your Size and Quantity

# 2. Purchase the Stock Photo Sample

# 3. Send Your Photograph to. Fridgemagnetworld@gmail.com

Processing will take two to three days.

Go to our Listing below to Order and Choose Your Size.



We will notify you when we receive the Image, if there is any problems with the Image upload we will notify you so we can correct it. 

All Photos and other digital downloads sent to FridgeMagnetWorld.com will be held for 30 days, after the 30 day period has expired the Photos and all other material will be Deleted, if there is any questions please e-mail us.

FridgeMagnetWorld.com has the soul right to refuse any Image or Services we deem inappropriate content. 

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